Road Safety Audit Report

At all Stages the Road Safety Audit Team shall prepare a written report. A stage 1, 2 and 3 Road Safety Audit Report shall include:

  • a) Identification of the Road Safety Audit stage including a unique document reference number and the status of the Road Safety Audit Report.

  • b) A brief description of the proposed Highway Improvement Scheme including details of its location and its objectives.

  • c) Details of who supplied the Road Safety Audit Brief, who approved the Road Safety Audit Brief and who approved the Road Safety Audit Team.

  • d) Identification of the Road Safety Audit Team membership as well as the names of others contributing such as the Police, Maintaining Agent and Specialist Advisors.

  • e) Details of who was present at the site visit, the date and time period(s) when it was undertaken and what the site conditions were on the day of the visit (weather, traffic congestion, etc.).

  • f) The specific road safety problems identified, supported with the background reasoning.

  • g) Recommendations for action to mitigate or remove the road safety problems.

  • h) A location map based on the scheme plan(s), marked up and referenced to problems and if available, photographs of the problems identified.

  • i) A statement, signed by both the Road Safety Audit Team Leader and the Road Safety Audit Team Member(s).

  • j) A list of documents and drawings reviewed for the Road Safety Audit.

Problems and Recommendations

The report shall contain a separate statement for each identified problem describing the location and nature of the problem and the type of incidents considered likely to occur as a result of the problem.

Each problem shall be followed by an associated recommendation. The Audit Team should aim to provide proportionate and viable recommendations to eliminate or mitigate the identified problems.

Recommendations to 'consider' should be avoided. Recommendations to 'monitor' should only be made where a need to supplement the scheduled Stage 4 monitoring is specifically identified in terms of frequency and incidence of particular vehicle manoeuvres or incident causation factors, and the monitoring task can be specifically allocated.

The use of the word ‘must’ shall also be avoided in Road Safety Audit recommendations, as this may be misinterpreted as an instruction from the Road Safety Audit Team.

Require Assistance with a Road Safety Audit?

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